Stanley Herbert Young in quarantine

Stanley Herbert Young, born in Glen Innes in 1905 in a Chinese family, was in quarantine at North Head when he returned from China some time in 1911, when he was a six-year-old boy: he had just spent two years in Guangdong province. Young did not elaborate more on his experience in quarantine in his two-page autobiographical description of himself, written in 1989, which is accessible at University of New England Professor Janis Wilton’s Golden Threads website at Nor was it mentioned which steam ship he travelled on. In any case, it would be unlikely that Young was an unaccompanied minor upon his return to Australia.  

Examination of contemporary newspaper articles points to the possibility that the Young (Kwan) family travelled on SS Eastern, which was quarantined at North Head on 12 October 1911 due to a case of smallpox on board. 


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